Museum of Science & Industry: The Science Behind Pixar

On Wednesday, we got to check out The Science Behind Pixar at the Museum of Science & Industry. I was a little disappointed by not enough “Finding Nemo,” but it was still a cool exhibit.

The title at the top says it all, right?
Todd sets one of his frames at the stop-motion animation station.

Here are the stop-motion videos we made at this station, by the way:

I was entertained by these preliminary sketches for Edna from “The Incredibles,” and I was further tickled to see that the illustrator was Victor Navone, who has worked for Pixar since 2000 — but his claim to fame in 1999 was a little computer rendered animated short called “Alien Song!”
Speaking of Edna . . .
We had to hurry this timed photo along before one of the children visiting the exhibit changed up the colors and lighting.
Todd claims to have been speaking whale.

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